Precision CNC Machining

Pulver Precision is an Enfield, CT based CNC Machine Shop serving New England and beyond.

Precision in Every Part

Pulver Precision provides precision-machined, tight tolerance components and assemblies for a variety of industries and markets.

We make it our mission to meet and exceed customer standards for every part we manufacture.

We deliver quality every time.






Family Owned & Operated

We are a family-owned CNC machine shop with decades of manufacturing experience.

We keep an old-fashioned attitude about work. Every job needs to be done with precision, accuracy, and delivered when promised.

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Industries We Serve


The aerospace and aviation industries demand ultra-tight tolerances and extra-durable materials. At Pulver Precision, we provide both, with machining tolerances of .0001 in a variety of standard and exotic materials.

Military & Defense

Confidentiality is key when handling sensitive drawings and information for the military and defense industries. We have the systems in place to ensure your documents and parts remain secure throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Whether for the oil and gas industry or for use in industrial construction, we design and machine parts that will work the first time, and every time. From short runs to Long Term Agreements, Pulver Precision has you covered, no matter the quantity.


Accuracy and reliability define what makes a great firearm, and both are at the core of our manufacturing. At Pulver, precision is not just in our name, it’s in everything we make.


Machined to withstand water and corrosion, we know the marine industry can sometimes require special materials. From stainless-steel to plastics to foam, we have the materials you need to stay afloat.


Whether you’re a multi-national automotive manufacturer that needs consistent run-to-run precision, or a hobbyist motorcycle mechanic looking to replace a single part, we can scale production to meet any challenge.


Our clean, climate-controlled facility and zero defect policy give our medical industrial clients the peace of mind they need when manufacturing medical components and devices.


Whether starting with a prototype or reverse engineering a product, Pulver Precision has both the design and machining experience to make your commercial CNC project a success.

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